Saturday, January 16, 2010

#16 High Kick


Today my son had his belt test at Karate. He seemed to have done pretty well, earning a "great" from the head of the school, Mr. Malota. We'll find out if he passed this week. While not the clearest shot, I love how high he appears to be and the expression on his face. He looks like he's ready to pull a Karate Kid move!

I now realize, my focus was in the wrong place - the kids waiting are very clear while Ben is a bit blurry. I was trying to figure out on my camera how to focus on a moving object. I know there is a setting, but couldn't remember what it was. I guess I'm already learning from my project - I will go look up the camera setting now!

If you would like to see more pictures from his karate today (he had class and his belt test), go check them out here

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